Azure ml internal server error and 404 error

Asked by : melany wijngaard 2020-10-30 16:54

Azure ML pipeline run failed with status message ServiceError: InternalServerError. Internal server error

404 error when viewing executionlogs.txt, stderrlogs.txt, and stdoutlogs.txt. 404 error

A pipeline run completed the day before. No changes were made between these runs. Pipeline runs

Compute cluster properties:

  • VM size: Standard_D3_v2 (4 cores, 14 GB RAM, 200 GB disk)
  • Processing unit: CPU - General purpose
  • OS type: Linux
  • Location: East US

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amelia mercier
Answer by : amelia mercier

You need to delete and create the endpoint again and this should work.

Also, for Error 404, make sure that URL is correct.

mia sanchez
Answer by : mia sanchez

The root cause of the issue:

Time-based retention policy was set on the storage account level. This immutability policy prevented Azure Machine Learning from writing log files to the workspaceblobstore, hence the 404 error when viewing any of the log file followed by InternalServerError. version-level time-based retention policy


Allow protected writes to append blobs

allow protected writes

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